Guests please upload wedding photos first

- front

- Location of wear/stain (if any)

- and related accessories

The shopkeeper will communicate the price with the customer

After arriving at the store, the store owner will inspect the consignment items and determine the consignment price.


Shipping via SF Express

If the consignment is completely inspected,

The E-Receipt is used for recording.

Successful consignment will be charged 15% service charge

(European designer brands will be negotiated separately)

If the consignment is successful, the funds will be transferred to your account by bank credit approximately one week after the customer's settlement is completed.

If unsuccessful, no fees will be charged .

"Commodity Consignment Terms"

1. The company reserves the right to decide whether to accept goods for consignment or recycling.

2. When our company accepts consignment goods, it does not guarantee that the goods concerned will be successfully sold.

3. If the consignor wants to take back the goods within one month of consignment , he will need to pay a handling fee of 5% of the consignment price. If the consignment has been placed, the consignor will not get the goods back.