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Blue dark pattern brothers shirt

Blue dark pattern brothers shirt

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Color of pot

Want to order brother shirts in the most convenient and quickest way?

Just select the number of brothers you have and choose the style for your brothers. After completing checkout, our wedding consultant will contact you and send you a size chart or online tailor-made guide. There is no need to select a size before checkout.

confirm After size and style, we will ship to a designated location within 60 days. We will update you on the status to ensure the shirts arrive on time.

If you have any special requests or inquiries, please feel free to contact us or Whatsapp us directly.

**The offer is not available for in-store customization.
**If you have a special body shape, please contact us directly
** The price includes changing the length of the trousers
**Set includes tops, trousers and bra

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  • 婚禮顧問將與您聯絡,發送尺碼表或在線度身指引給你,更會及時更新狀況,確保兄弟衫準時到達

  • 由揀款、度身到改尺碼,全程都可以網上完成

  • 由網上確認尺碼後最快60日完成

  • 每款兄弟衫提供7個尺碼選擇,任何身材的兄弟都能找到合適尺碼

  • 格仔、間條、直紋等等有大量款式供選擇

  • 絕無隱藏或附加收費,價錢已經包改褲長短。