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Reusable Silicone Nipple Covers

Reusable Silicone Nipple Covers

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Reusable Silicone Nipple Covers are made of 100% silicone material, soft texture and natural elasticity, close to natural skin tone, high viscosity and good durability, bringing the smoothest and seamless coverage. The product can be used repeatedly and can be used alone to replace traditional underwear. It can also be lightly fitted with a see-through top, and it can move naturally without shifting. It is a must-have for trendy girls.

The product is waterproof and sweatproof, and can be freely matched with different clothing needs. Suitable for wearing in wedding dresses, evening wear, deep V tops, swimwear, backless off-shoulders, sports yoga and everyday casual wear.

  • Light and seamless
  • natural skin tone
  • Can be used independently of underwear
  • Diameter up to 8cm
  • repeated use

【How to】

1. Make sure your chest is free of any skin care products, powders, oils or fragrances that will affect the adhesion.

2. Clean the chest skin with a wet tissue and keep it dry.

3. Take out the protective plastic film and stick it on each side according to the position.

4. Gently press to ensure that the chest sticker has a good adhesion to the skin.

5. Gently remove after use, be careful not to pull the skin too hard.

6. Wash it after each wearing, put it back in the box and keep it in a cool place.

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