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🎊Ever Ours Wedding barebooby set discount🎊

🎊Ever Ours Wedding barebooby set discount🎊

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Limited time offer package starting from HKD380 (original price HKD 485)

🔥Set includes:
→ Brand new multi-purpose double-sided bra patch x1
Anti-glare double-sided sticker x1
→ Invisible bra patch special cleaning foam x1

Boobi Pads Inserts are medium-thick multi-functional double-sided chest pads. It adopts a double-sided adhesive design that sticks closely to the skin and clothes to prevent it from falling off and leaking. The texture is light and soft, suitable for tight-fitting clothing, and it is simple and easy to use. It can liter CUP in one second.

The product is sweat-proof and can be freely matched with different clothing needs. Suitable for wearing wedding dresses , evening wear , deep V tops , backless off-shoulder dresses and everyday casual wear .


1. Make sure you do not apply any skin care products, powders, oils or fragrances to your chest, which will affect the adhesion effect.

2. Clean your chest with a wet tissue and keep your skin dry.

3. Remove the protective plastic film and turn the cup outwards.

4. Align the chest positions on both sides and fit the bottom of the chest patch at 45 degrees to the bottom of the chest.

5. After the bottom is attached, push up and smooth the chest patch with your hands.

6. Press gently to ensure good adhesion between the chest patch and the skin, fasten the middle transparent rubber buckle and then gently attach the side wings.

7. Remove it gently after use, being careful not to pull the skin hard.

8. Clean it after each wearing , put it back in the box and store it in a cool place.

Recommendation: Do not use if you are sensitive to silicone or adhesive materials.

 (Those with sensitive skin please test before use)

-------------------------------------------------- --

Boobi Wash cleansing foam is formulated with a neutral pH value and is mild in nature. It can clean the remaining skin oil or dirt on the bra patch. Careful maintenance and cleaning of the bra patch can help extend the service life of the product.

  • 60ml capacity
  • Clean adhesive, grease and dirt
  • Extend the life of the bra patch
  • neutral pH
  • Applicable to various silicone and cloth bra patches

-------------------------------------------------- ---

  • Double Side Tape anti-shine double-sided tape has mild adhesive properties and good durability. The translucent tape can adhere and fix clothes and skin to prevent shine and provide safe protection. (Applicable to any position on the chest, neckline, shoulder straps, etc.)

    Suitable for wearing wedding dresses , evening wear , deep V tops , backless and off-shoulder dresses , sports yoga and daily casual wear .

    • Prevent exposure
    • Transparent material is not easy to detect
    • Mild stickiness, painless pulling
    • Easy to carry and spare
    • Long lasting 8 hours
    • Keep skin clean and dry before use

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