Boobi Jelly (Original) invisible silicone bra patch


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Boobi Jelly (Original) invisible silicone bra patch

Boobi Jelly invisible silicone breast patch is made of 100% silicone material. It has a soft texture and natural elasticity. It is close to the natural skin tone. It has high viscosity and good durability . It can be used repeatedly to achieve the effect of lifting and focusing the breasts reliably. , moves naturally without shifting.

The product is sweat-proof and can be freely matched with different clothing needs. Suitable for wearing wedding dresses , evening wear , deep V tops , backless and off-shoulder dresses , sports yoga and daily casual wear .

  • Foundation thickness
  • Sweatproof
  • High viscosity
  • Can be used multiple times
  • Long lasting 8 hours
  • Keep skin clean and dry before use

[Thickness differences of Boobi Jelly Collection ]

Left Plus+ / Middle Original / Right 3D Plus++


1. Make sure you do not apply any skin care products, powders, oils or fragrances to your chest, which will affect the adhesion effect.

2. Clean your chest with a wet tissue and keep your skin dry.

3. Remove the protective plastic film and turn the cup outwards.

4. Align the chest positions on both sides and fit the bottom of the chest patch at 45 degrees to the bottom of the chest.

5. After the bottom is attached, push up and smooth the chest patch with your hands.

6. Press gently to ensure good adhesion between the bra patch and the skin, and fasten the transparent plastic buckle.

7. Remove it gently after use, being careful not to pull the skin hard.

8. Clean it after each wearing , put it back in the box and store it in a cool place.

Recommendation: Do not use if you are sensitive to silicone or adhesive materials .

(Those with sensitive skin please test before use )