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Boobi Wash invisible bra patch special cleaning foam

Boobi Wash invisible bra patch special cleaning foam

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Boobi Wash cleansing foam is formulated with a neutral pH value and is mild in nature. It can clean the remaining skin oil or dirt on the bra patch. Careful maintenance and cleaning of the bra patch can help extend the service life of the product.

  • 60ml capacity
  • Clean adhesive, grease and dirt
  • Extend the life of the bra patch
  • neutral pH
  • Applicable to various silicone and cloth bra patches

Cleaning and Maintenance

1. Invisible bra patches need to be cleaned after each wearing .

2. Take out the protective film, spray Boobi Wash on the adhesive area inside the bra cup, dip it in water, and rub it in circular motions with your fingertips.

3. Rinse with clean water, shake off excess water , and place in a ventilated place indoors to dry naturally.

4. Glue the protective film back on, put it back into the box and store it in a cool place. Try to avoid dust from falling on the adhesive tape during the process.

(Careful maintenance can extend the service life of invisible bra patches )


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