Double Sided Tape anti-glare double-sided tape

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Double Side Tape anti-shine double-sided tape has mild adhesive properties and good durability. The translucent tape can adhere and fix clothes and skin to prevent shine and provide safety protection. (Applicable to any position on the chest, neckline, shoulder straps, etc.)

Suitable for wearing wedding dresses , evening wear , deep V tops , backless and off-shoulder dresses , sports yoga and daily casual wear .

  • Prevent exposure
  • Transparent material is not easy to detect
  • Mild stickiness, painless pulling
  • Easy to carry and spare
  • Long lasting 8 hours
  • Keep skin clean and dry before use

[ Included in each box ]

- 50 pieces of double-sided anti-glare stickers


1. Make sure your skin is not coated with any skin care products, powders, oils or fragrances, which will affect the adhesion effect.

2. Clean the chest skin with a wet tissue and keep it dry.

3.Tear off the protective paper on one side of the double-sided tape.

4. Attach the adhesive part to the neckline of the garment .

5. Tear off the other side of the protective paper and stick it to the skin .

6. Press gently to ensure good adhesion between the garment and the skin .

7. Remove it gently after use, being careful not to pull the skin hard.

Recommendation: Do not use if you are sensitive to adhesive materials .

(Those with sensitive skin please test before use )